Like most entrepreneurs, I’ve been running at 100 mph for years now. I’m always looking for ways to find clarity, improve productivity, be better, grow, learn, etc… The question often comes to my mind; “is moving at this speed the right way?”

To support the growth I desire, I also started meditating as a way to gain balance, calm, and focus in my otherwise very hectic life. I try to sit for 10 minutes every morning to set myself up for a productive and positive day.

Recently, I listened to a guided meditation by Alexis Santos on the Ten Percent…

Ronjini Joshua is the Founder and CEO of The Silver Telegram, a technology PR agency focused on brand leadership through media relations.


1. Diversify the format of your content.

While I believe my original thoughts on public relations and marketing during a crisis are still highly relevant, there is a lot to expand on and learnings to apply from 2020 that marketers can arm themselves with this year. Ultimately, marketers will need to be incredibly nimble and resourceful in 2021 in order to stand out, maintain momentum and grow among a new digital flood of content.

You’ll need to…

Clubhouse has reminded us what the internet originally promised us: collaboration and community, not arguments and alienation. Conversations on the audio app feel intimate and curated, rather than public and open-ended. Perhaps because of its invitation-only model, the ‘clubby’ feeling on Clubhouse means more users are interested in meaningful conversations, and taking those conversations further, on other platforms and into real life.

I hope that Clubhouse can show the big social media platforms — which Clubhouse itself is on the way to joining — what we really want from social media. …

Ronjini Joshua is the Founder and CEO of The Silver Telegram, a technology PR agency focused on brand leadership through media relations.

Thought leadership is a fundamental building block of brand development and public relations. Whether you are focusing on your personal brand, startup or role in a business, credibility has always been important. Thought leadership is what can help you establish and build that credibility.

Establish your personal mission statement and personal goals.

The more recognizable you are as an asset or a brand builder, the more recognizable the business and brands that you work on will be. That…

Wednesday’s congressional hearings on Section 230 — the legislation passed 24 years ago that allows social-media firms to profit from their users’ content without being held responsible for that content — could be a turning point for tech bosses.

Attempts to repeal the law by executive order could force tech firms to reform (by implementing truly neutral editorial standards), or cause the industry to diversify and open up to new players (once firms are upfront about their editorial biases).

So far, tech platforms have been treated almost like cellphone networks: they provide the technology for people to communicate, but just…

Ronjini Joshua is the Founder and CEO of The Silver Telegram, a technology PR agency focused on brand leadership through media relations.


Public relations isn’t rocket science. This is something I’ve been promoting for most of my career. However, there are practices and experiences you pick up along the long path of this career that can’t be replaced with trial and error.

I see this mostly in the startup space, where companies have either done very little PR in the past or no PR and are expecting it to be a sprint effort versus a marathon. …

It’s already that time of year when you have to start planning your holiday strategy. Any consumer product brand knows that holiday gift guides are a key to helping drive credibility and traffic to complement any digital marketing plan you have put together. And this year especially, online presence is a key factor to getting those winning holiday sales.

As PR people we know that the end of the summer doesn’t mean back to school, but as the media works in advance, the holiday season always comes a little earlier for us. Most of our clients are shocked when I…

Ronjini Joshua is the Founder and CEO of The Silver Telegram, a technology PR agency focused on brand leadership through media relations.


Crowdfunding has seen many outrageous successes over the last decade during its infamous rise in the consumer products industry. Everything from the Pebble Watch to the Coolest Cooler and even potato salad has funded successfully on Kickstarter, giving people hope that anyone can be a winner on this intensely popular platform. However, it isn’t that easy. According to Fundera, the average success rate is merely 22.4% of crowdfunding campaigns across all platforms. If you look individually to…

Public relations (PR) has always been hard to define. Even the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) goes through periods of redefining the term. It’s been nearly a decade since they officially redefined public relations and it’s likely due for a refresher. Public relations is and has always been a fluid term and business practice. This is my personal definition: Public relations is the business of communicating a brand’s message (or story) to its audiences.

Using this definition, a brand can be a person, a business or an idea. The message can be more than one message to more than…

For the past 17 years, I have had to explain what public relations is over and over again. Most don’t grasp the concept or understand the practice. So, with anything that is misunderstood, great myths begin to appear and generalize the profession.

To create solid PR partnerships and run successful campaigns for your brand, it is important to understand industry myths. I’d like to dispel five common myths about public relations that may be keeping you from the benefit of better branding.

We cannot call in a favor to get media coverage.

There may have been a time where this…

Ronjini Joshua

Wife & mother of 3. Aka the fun parent. Owner of The Silver Telegram, PR and crowdfunding expert. You can find me at ronjini at thesilvertelegram dot com.

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